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Peaks and Valleys – Adventures in the Karisia Hills

By Lizzie Odegaard The Karisia Hills start to come into focus as we leave Mugie Conservancy and head north, to Samburu County, Kenya. I am hosting a hiking and camping trip, trekking in the Karisia Hills. Trundling along the dirt road, dust occasionally wafts in through open windows as another car passes, as well as….


Fragmentation: A land divided

By Amy Hardberger Just as humans require food and shelter, animals require habitat for survival.  Habitat includes the area needed to eat, drink and procreate. Without appropriate habitat, a species cannot survive.  While the impacts of habitat destruction are well understood, fragmentation – or breaking up – of habitat can be just as detrimental.  Because the….


The Mugie Triathlon

On the 20th and 21st of October we held the Mugie Duathlon and Triathlon, an extraordinary weekend that focused on the conservation of wildlife and their habitat. We were thrilled to raise funds toward cheetah protection and wildlife awareness education, to mitigate the human-wildlife conflict. But conscious that the battle for conservation is intertwined with healthcare….


Tala the Giraffe

A visit to Mugie isn’t complete without spending some time with Tala the giraffe. Her towering presence is hard to miss around Mugie Headquarters as she pokes her head in at the workshop or peers in at those working away at the main office. And she’s quite a noticeable addition to the herd of sheep….


Mugie’s Cheetah Brothers

In September 2016, one of Mugie’s resident cheetahs was found with a broken hind leg. He limped severely and, as he couldn’t hunt, his health deteriorated rapidly and we all feared the injury would be fatal. Although cheetahs are solitary creatures, males, often brothers, form coalitions and defend their territory together. Amaka and his brother….


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