Research & Education

Mugie is a venue for several conservation projects. In collaboration with the Predator Project and the Cheetah and Wild Dog Project, Mugie monitors the movement, activity, and behavior with radio tracking collars on one cheetah and two lions. The information collected from this project is collected for the greater knowledge base about these animals, and it is also used at Mugie for pressing matters close to home – advocating for wildlife corridors over the road transecting Mugie. The road is being paved and high traffic speeds and density will present an increasing danger to wildlife as animals move throughout their range. With the use of the collars, the data collected can pinpoint at the points at which animals cross the road, determining where the wildlife corridors should be located. Additionally, quantifiable data can be provided to the Kenyan Highway Authority and grant-makers, as to the frequency at which the road is crossed. 

Mugie integrates community conservation education in the school, in outreach health clinics, and in the work of those employed at Mugie. A weekly mandatory litter clean up across all departments of Mugie, keeps Mugie looking good, but more importantly, encourages people to think twice before they discard their waste and shows the impact of litter on the environment. Mugie has also banned single-use plastics in the canteen, and encourages the use of reusable water bottles and bags.  

We know the importance of bees to the success of all living things. The Moyo Foundation and Ekorian are piloting a project in sourcing sustainable honey and connecting it with a market. The project will expand to include sustainable bee-keeping at Mugie, teaching about bee-friendly, and tree-friendly, hive keeping and installing several hives of our own. Showing that bee hives make an excellent natural barrier against elephants and the damage they can cause to forests and crops. 


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