Mugie's Rhinos Translocated

9th March 2012

After a series of meetings between the Kenyan Wildlife Service and Mugie a decision was made to remove all rhinos from the Mugie Sanctuary. Having already lost three rhinos at Mugie in 2011 to poachers, the decision was made to translocate all the rhinos to Ol Jogi Conservancy near Nanyuki in central Kenya and to Ruma - the new KWS conservancy on the shores of Lake Victoria - in western Kenya. The last rhino to leave Mugie in January (2012) was called Baraka - a bull rhino born in 1976 and translocated here from Nakuru National Park in 2005. It was a sad moment when his crate was put on the back of the truck and the last of Kenya's most northerly population of black rhino was driven away.

Cheetah Brothers

23rd July 2011


Discovered strolling across the plains through a telescope on the lodge's veranda, these male cheetahs found a comfortable mound to recline on allowing their full bellies to digest their recent meal.  There is an abundance of plains game on Mugie and all the resident cheetahs are looking exceptionally healthy.

Bloodhound Puppies born at Mugie

22nd July 2011

Bloodhound Puppies

Tatu's puppies will soon be able to follow scents over great distances. Their extraordinarily keen noses combined with a strong and tenacious tracking instinct make them the ideal partner for Mugie's anti-poaching control teams. Training for all the puppies will commence when they reach four months old.

Lion baby boom

31st March 2011

 There is a lion baby boom here at Mugie with three lionesses having recently given birth in the space of two weeks.  The pride males have been seen mating with two other lionesses; so there should be still more on the way!  

Mugie Dam finally fills

2nd January 2010

Since the dam was finished in August 2009, we have been staring at the clouds and waiting for the rains. Well the New Year has bought with it the rain and earlier this morning the dam filled up and water has started flowing over the spillways. There is a 156 acre lake behind the dam holding a staggering 1.3 billion litres of water. 

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“Claus we are grateful for all your attention and for teaching us so much”

Rob and Joanna Nelson, March 2009