Mugie Primary School

The Primary and Nursery school was built and funded by the Hahn family for the benefit of the local community. Over the years through the Hahn family’s support and input the school has achieved first position within the region and now has 190 pupils.

Boys and girls dormitories have been built to accommodate the children of employees who live on more remote corners of the sanctuary. Mugie also provides the children with uniforms, all educational materials and three nutritious meals a day.

In 2009, the school was approached and asked to care for eleven special needs children who would have otherwise been orphaned by their families. These children have been given an amazing second chance in life and have settled in extraordinarily well with both the teachers, children and their trained matron who cares for them.

Mugie School Trust has been formed to enable Mugie to receive donations from visitors for the benefit of gifted and disabled children in pursuing secondary education. All proceeds from Gaby Hahn’s paintings support Mugie Primary School.

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“The school was so moving for us and we are very excited to stay in touch. Those beautiful little faces have been stamped in our minds.”

Bill & Kathy Friley, September 2009