Mugie is at the northern end of the Laikipia Plateau with a spectacular view of Mount Kenya. The climate on Mugie at 6,000ft (1,800m) is temperate with warm days, cool nights and constant breezes. A welcome fire is often lit in the evening.

Laikipia is host to many tribes but principally the Pokot, Turkana, Samburu and Il Dorobo whose people have maintained their traditional way of life. Mugie employs people from all these tribes.

Laikipia Wildlife Forum

Laikipia district is world renowned for its wildlife. Mugie supports and works together with the Laikipia Wildlife Forum (LWF) on various community projects, security and ultimately the conservation for the greater area. For more information on LWF please visit:

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“Claus we are grateful for all your attention and for teaching us so much”

Rob and Joanna Nelson, March 2009