About Us

Mugie was established by the Hahn family who have been committed to Africa’s wildlife and people for over forty years. For the last 32 years, Mugie has been managed by Claus Mortensen who was born and brought up in Kenya. Mugie has preserved and increased its population of critically endangered Grevys zebra and Jackson’s Hartebeests. Through their preservation of the delicate ecosystem, the sanctuary has boosted populations of lion, oryx, elephant, giraffe, cape buffalo, eland, as well as over two hundred unique bird species.

The Local Area

Mugie is a vital part of the local economy by providing employment and medical care to the surrounding tribes. We are especially proud of Mugie Primary School which is now ranked number one in the district. Mugie provides nutritious meals, uniforms and teachers for more than two hundred pupils including eleven special needs children.

Gaby Hahn

Gaby Hahn, an internationally acclaimed artist, draws her inspiration from Mugie’s wildlife and people. All proceeds of her artwork are sold to support Mugie Primary School.

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“Claus we are grateful for all your attention and for teaching us so much”

Rob and Joanna Nelson, March 2009